사람(人)과 자연(山)의 조화


Our Eco Village involves doing things ourselves to constantly evolve and create. We are a collective of six people that left the busy cities of South Korea to create a life in between the mountains and the Han River. We have been around for the past five years as a social enterprise recognized by the Korean government for creating sustainable ecosystems.

In 2011, our eco village was founded by group of individuals that felt the need to live in nature and coexist with it. They wanted to create a lifestyle based on the Korean word “seon” which means to love and know nature, human beings and the universe. They came together while practicing seon meditation in a group called Suseonjae. Many realizations later, they decided to put all of their ideas together to create an eco village next to the Han River.

Our practices involve making our own soap and soy candles, collecting rainwater, and manufacturing compost toilets. We also run educational programs for local students that visit our center. We teach them about the eco life and how to coexist with animals and nature.

Each day is led with an early morning seon meditation followed by a meal together. We then clean up the animal space and feed them. Then, each person works on their own project around the compound such as: cooking, harvesting, gardening, cleaning, building, or art and writing. We can take turns making meals. Meals of different countries are always welcome.

Our time together at meal times gives us a chance to get to know each other and find the best ways of living in harmony. There is no real hierarchy at our center because everyone’s opinions are heard and taken into consideration as a group.

space seon

We introduce a family of space S E O N  :  [仙]

Taking responsibility for building and growing Space SEON is a meditation in itself. The process of cultivating life and building a simple lifestyle is something that is on my mind every day. I am constantly in search of new ideas and ways of living sustainably and minimally. I want to open this place for people of all walks of life to share knowledge with one another. My first sustainable living projects to bring to the public are the rainwater tanks and compost toilets.

Kim Deok Gyeom
Project Director

Living by the principles of the universe brings human life closer to nature. This is heaven on Earth. Learning the art of self-reliance through farming is essential for life at the eco village. The ability to harvest and live minimally is important for our relationship with mother Earth. I especially enjoy living here because I get from nature what I can’t get in the city. I have immense gratitude for what I didn’t know about living before. Through this process, I’ve personally grown every day.

Eom Su Jeong

I started attending an alternative high school called Seonae School. This opened up a new world to me where class mates and teachers communicated in harmony and live according to nature. After spending three years in the countryside, where the school was located, I decided that this way of life was for me. After graduating, I decided to leave Seoul where I spent my whole life and came to Space SEON, following my teacher Eom Su Jeong. After a year, I’m still loving this life and still learning everyday, yet still adjusting. Now is the time to understand myself and what I can contribute to the community here.

Kim Hyon Deok
Animal Care Specialist

In my experience of life in the city, I noticed that most people live to prepare for the future and think of the worst case scenario. Many people forget to be in the present. I was guilty of that too. When I arrived at Space SEON, I immediately formed a connection to nature through gardening, and caring for the animals. After some time, I feel that I’m thriving! I’m enjoying every moment and simply living in appreciation of life.

Park Jiae
Media Artist

We are always looking for like-minded individuals interested in sustainability. If you are interested, you’re welcome to join us.


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