사람(人)과 자연(山)의 조화


Rain Water Storage Tanks

If you look at the world map, blue occupies the largest area. But did you know that the water available for human use is only one percent? The water we have today is controlled by the government and owned by corporations. The water in our oceans has become an industrial wasteland. The solution: rain water. Collecting this “blue gold” can be the answer to save humanity. It is a simple method. Rain water storage tanks collect the water and can be used. At Space SEON we make the system easy to set up and easy on the eyes.

Compost Toilets

Did you know that every flush of the western toilet throws away 8 liters of water that go straight to the ocean? This creates a cycle of wasting our precious water. When one resource is consumed in one place, it is taken from another place. In 2012, there were a total of 30 million western toilets in South Korea alone. It’s true that western flush toilets are very comfortable and hygienic, it’s incredibly taxing on the ecosystem.

Everything in the ecosystem is connected and humanity plays a big part of that. Therefore, to work toward a solution, Space SEON makes compost toilets. These toilets are really nice because they look exactly like western toilets, except that we use rice husks that would otherwise be thrown away to absorb the waste. Instead of putting waste in the ocean, the waste goes back to the ecosystem creating sustainability. Compost toilets are a future solution and you may be surprised by the comfort and ease they provide. Come try it for yourself!

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products

Most products use preservatives and chemical sulfates to create lather. They can clean the skin’s surface well, but also take a toll on the immune system. The body’s ability to absorb these chemicals calls for a solution to use natural lifestyle products. With the use of effective microorganisms (EM) that purify the skin a matter of weeks, natural products can be just as effective as most products on the market. There are 80 kinds of effective microorganisms that create microbial symbiosis that clears contaminated water Space SEON creates soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other eco-friendly lifestyle products with natural ingredients. We also use recyclable packaging and make natural soy wax candles with essential oils.

Agricultural Products

Everyone knows that pesticides, genetic engineering, and chemical fertilizers are bad for us and the environment. Yet we encounter them every day in our agriculture. They make our crops more aesthetically beautiful, but they are especially harmful for the body and the environment. The reason they are used in our food: human greed. When we grow our own food with simple soil, sunshine, and rainwater, we can grow nutritious produce to make our bodies healthy. We can grow crops that are firm, pure and organic. The elements of earth, sun, and rain give the power of nature itself. At Space SEON, we have a garden where we grow potatoes, peppers, corn, chestnuts and other vegetables. We do this to create a self-reliant lifestyle.